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 baby-Noah-stars-1Interactive Floor Projection System

What is it?

A system that responds to gesture and movement creating dynamic images on any surface including floors (pale wood, vinyl or carpet), tables, wheelchair trays and tents…

Where is it used?
In Schools (special and mainstream), nurseries, pre-schools, play centres, day care settings, respite units, health centres, hospices, care homes and hospitals…

Why use omiVista?
    Motivates and inspires with engaging content
    Audio-visual rewards are instantly discernible
    Creates an inclusive learning environment
    Stimulates language, physical and mental development
    Encourages active participation
    Removing barriers to learning
    Increases group collaboration and problem-solving skills
    Empowers individuals to take control of their environment
    Fully customisable –create your own content

Click here to visit Noahs page on the OmiVista website where you can find out more