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Hugs For Noah - A day at the Zoo

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Hugs For Noah - A Day at The Zoo

I wrote the book to raise awareness about disabilities, being in a wheelchair and spina bifida. So that children from a very young age can have a basic understanding of what its like.the book supports the national curriculum (Key Stage 1 - 5-7 year olds).

By buying this book you are helping to raise awareness of these conditions/ disabilities and hopefully. This is the only childrens book of its kind which also incorporates a twitter hashtag. In using this hashtag (on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google) you will be able to support HugsForNoah and make others aware of the importance of taking folic acid for 3 months before getting pregnant (reduces the risk by 72%)

If you would like to sponsor the next batch of 250 books we are looking for people to help us.

If this is something you would like to do please get in touch, we would need a copy of your logo (or your name if you are an individual) to add to the front cover of the books. There would also be a message inside each book explaining who the books have been sponsored by.